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A journey of a thousand miles...

Have you ever heard of the hero’s journey ?
What is the adventure that lights you up most ?
What is your favorite story ?
What myth or movie inspires you passionately ?
What has you vibrate deep inside ?

Joseph Campbell has written about this topic.
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Gilgamesh, The Wizard of Oz, be it seemingly light or very dark, all those stories tell about initiation through challenges.

The heroin or the hero leave their routine and are propelled into unusual and dangerous situations that they get to overcome. Pushed to transcend their limits, after going through all sorts of hardships they come back home transformed, more mature, and somehow more accomplished.
They, and we, come out of those adventures with a deeper sense of meaning about our lives.

Have you ever looked at your life through this perspective ?
What is your hero’s journey ?
How do you birth your new you to the world, and get to share the truest and deepest version of yourself after a quest ?

As in the picture above, Reine is walking through the desert to finally reach the ocean.
This quest is the reflection and metaphor of an artist’s and woman’s journey too.
We are so keen to share with you our creation.
A few more dragons to tame, a few more precipices to walk alongside, a few more enigmas to solve ... 😊

Until then, sending you much courage, light and love for your own quest. Take care 🙏🏻 ✨

Dialoguing with the tree

We don't know exactly where Reine comes from, but she feels one with the elements.
During her peregrinations, she has been immersing in the desert, dancing with the wind, singing with the ocean and listening and whispering sweet words to the tree that was welcoming her...

When you open to what surrounds you, you can have the same experience.
Every plant, every breeze, each insect, a sun ray, a snow flake, a child, a neighbor, a cloud...
in the middle of this incredible tapestry which is the world, your are a unique color, a unique sound...
and you are a precious part of it

thank you


Creation is such a mysterious process. Like gestation.
Suspended in the air like billions of ideas... palpitating in a heart and a brain at some point...
obsessing the creator until he/she can give life to that particular idea, new form, vibration, color, object, song...
it can be your dream of a house, as well, or of a certain trip to a destination that you always wanted to discover...
or just your desire to take a walk in a park to relax, breathe, and admire the trees in bloom...
Do you listen to your inner voices ?
Do you surrender tenderly to your soul’s aspirations?...
Have a beautiful day

Happy solstice

Today we are living this day of shift between increasing night and receding day... It is the moment of the dance in which partners somehow change direction...
Could it be a day of stillness ?
Of quiet observation ?
Could it be a moment that partners take advantage of to watch what their dance has been, before engaging a new movement ?
Light and darkness dance together all the time, forever. Without night we would not be able to experience day. Without the depth of darkness we would not be able to experience the hurting dazzle of the utmost clear day
There is no absolute in darkness and light. One is not always the positive and the other one always the negative.
Darkness is the cover in which seeds grow before they burst out of the earth in new sprouts. A necessary step.
Darkness is the place in which we prepare before birth. A warm quiet place. A space that can be still, even if the noises coming from outside can be perceived. Darkness can be a shelter when one needs to withdraw for a time from the turmoil of our life. Darkness is the place favorable to exchanging confidences...
Darkness can be a frame for nightmares, too. A moment where the cold catches us for too long. A place where we can feel insecure, because we don't see as well as cats or owls...
But what if we would remember that place where darkness was warmth and safety ? A place where we could open ourselves in vulnerability and love ? What if we would remember that the night is the moment that we can look at the stars and open up to a mysterious space and deep emotion inside of us, the soul remembering its connection with the Universe ?
Up until today we have been receding with the light. We have been experiencing a difficult year, challenge after challenge, altogether. But we are strong if we draw inside of ourselves the strength from a place of love. From the darkness, in its loving space where new life is preparing itself, we can sketch this dance back to the lighter days.
Light and shadow dancing together, with respect, tenderness, interdependance, nuances...
With love.
And you, what is your dance between darkness and light ?
What are your experiences ?
Take care


For those who live far from the tropics, we are lucky to be experiencing four seasons.
They give us a rhythm in our year, in our lives. They can print a marker in our memories.
They can remind us hard times, but they can enhance beautiful times, and they can give us hopes and dreams for the future, as we imagine happy moments with loved ones in a warm frame...

Do you associate warmth with love ?
It can seem cliché... it is a reality. One can feel the warmth in a glance, in a smile. In an embrace. Exchanging our warmth with another person's is comforting and uplifting.
Like so many, I feel very happy in the summer time, when one can be outside and evolve freely with just a few light clothes on...
But when the season changes, when the lights and temperature change, experiencing the contrast between the freshness outside and the warmth inside can be a stimulating and pleasant experience too.
A thing can only be appreciated when experienced through a contrast - like the shadow reveals the light. Likewise, drinking a chill drink or bathing in fresh water is so pleasant during the hot season.

Or reversed, walking in a snowy landscape and then enter a house with a warm fireplace brings two contrasted experiences that I equally love...
I have a thought for the persons who don't get this warmth. Physically, when their circumstances have removed them from a home.
And emotionally. If we have a chance, it is already a lot to offer them a smile, a glance, a bit of true attention. It already makes a difference even physically, for a start...
Every atom of warm true love makes a difference in the world. Should we warm up the planet, I guess this the right way to do it.
...seasons. How do they impact you ? What do you associate them with ? What is your dance with them ?
Do you have the chance to be in contact with the nature and be inspired and touched by the color, perfumes, cycles of birth and death and rebirth at play in the nature ?

Enjoy your season.
Much love

Sister moon

Are you a moon lover ?

I have always felt moved by the moon, somehow.
I mean she would bring me a soft emotion, a velvet quality, and would open up my heart with a soft but wide marvel when I would look at the sky and see her, thin, half, or full, or just powerfully glowing...

There is a mystery in this bond that we have with the moon.
Is she one of our siblings ? She is familiar, she is soft, she is discrete, though powerful...
She is comforting even if her glow could seem cold.
She opens us to infinite dreams, a door to liberty...

Tonight is the full moon in Gemini, I heard.
And also an eclipse, and the second full moon this month...
I am a Gemini. Is my twin up there on the moon ?
Is it why she fills my heart with so much tenderness and sweet love ?

And you, what does the moon tell you ?
What kind of hopes or transformations does she bring you ?

Good night at the full (or eclipsed) moon...